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Dear Hayt Families,
The Chicago Teachers Union and the Chicago Public Schools have come to an agreement. Below are the dates for those students who have elected to return to school in person. Remote instruction will continue to be an option and any changes from remote learning to in-person learning can be done for the 4th quarter. Please carefully review the information and let me know if you have any questions by emailing me at dagomez@cps.edu.


Daniel Gomez, Principal

Important Form for In Person Learners:
All parents of in person learners must submit this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfRnFi5y3s5aPcp9KGQVOlSf1J1MhqkkQO wSjS-55gn-8MHRw/viewform?usp=sf_link


Common Student Supply List for In Person Learners:

● Pouch for Chromebook (for protection of Chromebook in transport)

○ https://www.amazon.com/Ferkurn-Chromebook-Repellent-Compatible-Pro tective/dp/B08H7Z5NWF/ref=sr_1_7?dchild=1&keywords=chromebook+c ase&qid=1610479760&sr=8-7

● #2 Pencils

● Personal Pencil Sharpener

● One package of loose leaf lined paper

● One 12 inch ruler

● Personal Pencil Pouch with Name on It

● Spiral bound notebooks


● Pocket folders● Child Safety Scissors ● Crayons● Colored Pencils● Glue Sticks / Bottle of GluE● Backpack (please do not bring backpacks with wheels)● Water Bottle with student name written on it (we cannot use the shared water fountains)● 3rd to 6th Grade Students: Standard Function Calculator (optional)● 7th and 8th Grade Students: Ti-30 Scientific Calculator (optional)Student Entry: Before seeing off your child in the morning, please select a meeting location for after school so meeting up with children at dismissal is easy and quick.

Uniform Policy for In Person Learners:
We will be suspending our uniform policy. Please have your child wear comfortable clothes that are able to be machine washed and dried at hot settings. Dress for the weather and send your child to school with two masks (although we have extras at school).
Health Screener Information:

1. Parents/guardians/students must complete the health screener each morning prior to arriving at school: cps.edu/healthscreener. A student is not allowed into the building without completing the health screener.
2. The check-in includes the teacher seeing if parents have completed the screener and taking a temperature. If a student is checked-in, then he/she may proceed further into the building. If a student fails the check-in and is unaccompanied, the student must be taken to the care room.
3. If a student arrives without a completed screener and is unaccompanied by a parent, the student will be taken to another space where the parent is called to answer the screener questions.
a. If the student passes the screener, the student may remain.
b. If the student fails the screener, then the students must wait in the care room until a parent arrives.
4. If a student arrives without a completed screener, is unaccompanied by a parent, and the parent cannot be reached, the student is allowed to respond to all screener questions if able.


The school entry process will go quickly if everyone has completed the health screener prior to leaving the house. We are asking you to please stay with your child until they enter the building in case there has been an issue with the screener.

You need your child’s student ID or student email address to complete the screener. Email Ms. Guerrero at aguerrero59@cps.edu or Ms. Reyes at gmreyes4@cps.edu if you cannot find this information.

The line for the Health Screener will be outside, so please dress appropriately for the weather.

Breakfast in the Classroom:
Breakfast will be set up at two different stations to coordinate with the designated entrances for student arrival.

Students can pick up their breakfast at the stations located by either door #1 or door #3.

There will only be ONE option for breakfast and it will be bagged and ready to go for students to quickly retrieve and report to their classrooms where they will eat their meals.

Special Note About Wednesdays: Remote Instruction for All Kindergarten to 8th Grade Students

○ The student day will have three hours of synchronous instruction and three hours of asynchronous instruction.
○ Enrichment teachers will meet with their classes at their regular times

Below is a link to our In-Person Parent Presentation with more detailed information

https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/e/2PACX-1vS-BjvFFYxxIIAvl3is4kuSf4tvUJpoa8eDxW7 04Rd46ITUeAlzRvmCDjeS0aiDK8fkMhzzDEjPHApR/pub?start=false&loop=false&delayms=300 0