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Local School Council

The Local School Council (LSC) is the site-based management team at Hayt School. There are 12 members which consist of 6 parents, 2 community members, 2 teachers, 1 non-teacher staff member and the principal. There are three primary responsibilities of the LSC:

  1. Select and evaluate the school’s principal. Decide to renew the principal’s contract every four years
  2. Approve the school’s Continuous Improvement Work Plan (CIWP)
  3. Approve the school’s budget each school year.

Hayt’s LSC Meeting Schedule for the Rest of the School Year:

These meetings will be held virtually through Google on Wednesday at 7:00 PM CT. When conditions allow, we will return to in-person meetings at Hayt Elementary.  The dates are below:

January 5
February 17
March 17
April 28
May 19
June 16
July 7 – Organizational Meeting
September – TBD
October – TBD
November – TBD
December – TBD

2021 Hayt LSC Members

Parent Representative
Yordanaka Brunet – Parent Representative
Cheryl Reimer – Parent Representative, Chairperson
Lori Garcia – Parent Representative
Emma Healey – Parent Representative
Mark Smirl – Parent Representative, Vice Chairperson
Cheryl Reimer – Parent Representative

Community Representative
Laura Reimers – Community Representative
Vincent O’Malley – Community Representative

Teacher Representatives
Carl Sannito – Teacher Representative
Tareeq Rasheed – Teacher Representative

Non-Teacher Representative
Gabriela Reyes – Non-Teacher Staff Representative, Secretary

Hayt Virtual LSC Recordings